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Beagle Dog Facts – Why Beagles Are So Popular?

Beagle Dog Facts
Beagle Dog Facts

Beagle Dog Facts:

Beagles were originally bred in England as a trail hound used to hunt hares and rabbits. Beagles have a tendency to ignore everything, except for the interesting scent when hunting. That is the reason why beagles are sometimes called scent hounds. An extremely energetic breed of dog, beagles are curious, behave, intelligent, brave, and social. They’re also likely to get into trouble as their hound dog instincts may take over instantly should beagles catch a whiff of an interesting or exciting scent.

Male beagles grow to a height of fourteen to sixteen inches and a weight of twenty-two to twenty-five pounds, while female beagles grow 13-15 inches and weigh from 20-23 pounds. On average, beagles will live twelve to fifteen years. Majority of beagles have a tricolor coat, which consist of white and red, white and orange or white and lemon. Its coat is short to medium length that needs minimal care, which include regular bathing and brushing.

Beagles also shed, yet not excessively. They have wide, long ears, and hazel or brown eyes that oftentimes look like pleading puppy dog eyes. They also have a distinct and familiar baying sound, which they make when hunting prey. It’s this distinctive howl as well as the ability to pick up on the strange scents that make these great guard dogs.

Beagle Dog Facts: family pets

Beagles are a good option with children and families, yet care must be taken with some family pets. If the beagle isn’t socialized properly during his early age, It might try hunting other pets. However, beagles don’t like being left alone and can bark excessively. Beagles adapt easily and quickly to new experiences and do well traveling, thanks to their fearless nature. Nevertheless, they do need consistent and strong training to ensure they don’t run off. Beagles do well in almost all living environments, provided that they’re provided with lots of opportunities to exercise and run.

A leash is important with beagles or well-fenced in yard and consistent obedience training. The hunting instinct will take over once the scent comes their way and will run off to look for the prey. Their ears must be cleaned and checked regularly because beagles are prone to painful ear infections. Also, they are prone to heart disease, back and eye problems, epilepsy, and chondroplasia, a dwarfism, which can result in warped legs.

One of the beagle dog facts you should know is that they must be trained for controlling their bark, yet this could be much harder for younger dogs. Such dogs travel very far once they’re let off their leash. For this reason, beagles must be kept in a place that’s fenced in. Generally, beagles are quick to learn and very intelligent. They get used to the environment quickly and learn new behaviors easily. Once a beagle was trained properly, he’ll listen well. But, if not, beagles might ignore their owner’s commands.

Beagle dog facts are definitely interesting. These are also helpful if you want to consider one as a pet in the long run.

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