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Beagle Dog Information – What You Need to Know About This Cute Breed


The Beagle dog breed, or also called English Beagle, belongs to the family of hounds. Written records found date back to late 15th century in England where Beagles were bred for the purpose of hunting small game.

Name Origin

Today, the information about these dogs claims that the name Beagle took its origin from different sources. These include the Welsh term beag that means small, the German term begele that means to scold and the French word beguile that means open throat which refers to the musical bark of Beagles.


Beagle dog was bred mainly for hunting small game like rabbit by foot instead of by horseback. This type of hunting in England was called beagling, and it remains to be a widely popular term being used up to this day and age. The Beagle’s excellent temper and strong sense of smell make them a famous choice of hounds all over the world.

Despite their popularity in England for hundreds of years, the Beagle dog didn’t receive its due in the Americas until the later part of 19th century when the American Kennel Club has registered the first ever Beagle in year 1885. In 1888, both the breed standard and the National Beagle Club were also formed in the United States.

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Physical Characteristics

The typical height of Beagles averages between 13 to 16 inches at the shoulder. These dogs have rounded ears, square shaped muzzle, rounded paws and slightly curved tail. They have a sleek and hard coat that is also weather resistant. The most common color of Beagles is tricolor black, brown and white. Some combinations of yellow, orange, red and white are also very common.

Traits and Behaviors

Although the Beagle dog was originally bred as hunting dogs, they are actually very social canine. Beagles are cheerful, fun loving and active dogs that can fit perfectly well in family environment. Similar with other pack animals, Beagles thrive on companionship with other pets, specifically other Beagles as well as humans. These dogs also have a very even temperament and they make an amazing family dog.

This breed, however, has a stubborn streak. They require some form of obedience dog training and socialization with other pets and humans. A Beagle dog needs plenty of exercise so it is recommended to have regular walks on a leash. It is also a great idea to have a fenced yard since these dogs love the outdoors, making apartment living a poor option for Beagles. With just a bit of dog training, they can become family oriented, eager to please, well behaved dogs.

The most common health problems that you have to be aware of with Beagle include back and eye problems, epilepsy, dwarfism and hip dysplasia. Some lines are also at risk to develop heart disease.

Like with other dog breeds, it is a must to get as much dog information as you can before you decide on a dog breed that you will adopt. But, without a doubt, a Beagle dog will make not just a great hunting dog but can also be the best family dog you can ever get.

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