Beagles love to steal toilet paper

Dogs are strange animals. Sometimes they have style and grace and other times they can just be crazy and have weird mannerisms about them. While various breeds have specifics that narrow behaviors in dogs, no one is the same—each dog has his or her unique qualities about them. Owners come to know and love about their friend. Unfortunately, you cannot just guess what skills, tricks, or talent that your dog is born with. You can find out through merely spending time with your dog. Play with him or her! Train them regularly. Reward them with tricks! This is the best way to understand your dog fully, and eventually you will find their knack soon enough!

These beagles love to steal toilet paper. It is the particular talent they have acquired and that they have known in their household. You know Beagles for sniffing out and locating animals, they are just as adorable and funny as the next. Watch as these two beagles decode a toilet paper dispenser- it is something that not all beagles can do. Watch this adorably funny video of two beagles conspiring to and successfully walk away with their owner’s toilet paper.

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