Can the Beagle eat fruits and vegetables?

Among all the varieties of food that we can give to the beagle, fruits and vegetables are those that make you wonder more: are they good or bad? Which is the right quantity to give?

Can the Beagle eat fruits and vegetables?
No,in fact, the beagle, as a dog is a carnivorous animal.

Therefore, vegetables must never be taken in large quantities because the digestive mechanism of a dog is not great in processing this type of food.

It is also better to pay attention to those veggies that are harmless to humans but can be toxic to your dog in small or large doses depending on the substances they contain.

However, vegetables also contain many useful nutrients so they shouldn’t be demonized: within certain limits, they can be assimilated without problems.

Therefore, as a general rule, we can use the vegetables and fruit as a snack between meals or as a treat (if the dog likes a particular type of fruit or vegetables). In doing so, be sure that the dog does not eat too much and that you eventually replace individual industrial unhealthy snacks with excellent natural alternatives.
With that said, which fruits and vegetables can we give to our beagle without second thoughts?


According to the season, the vegetables that the beagle can eat without problems are green beans, cucumbers, zucchini and carrots.

Many dogs love zucchini and carrots especially. Many owners as low-calorie snacks or as prizes, in fact, use these vegetables if their dog likes them.

In general, any cooked vegetables are more digestible. Although with the high temperatures, it will lose many of its nutrients.
If your dog has no digestive trouble, you can give them either raw or cooked vegetables, maybe previously asking the opinion of the veterinarian.
Regarding fruits, you can give it almost everything, always paying attention to a few important details:

Never allow the dog to gnaw or eat the kernels of cherries, plums, apricots and peaches because they contain a potent toxic substance (cyanide).

Limiting or even avoiding entirely too sugary fruit (egg figs) because this sugary excess can cause digestive distress.

Avoid grapes in any way, because it is toxic to dogs and can cause severe damage to their kidneys.
Which are the vegetables to watch out for or that should never be given to the dog?

You must avoid spinach, chicory, chard and lettuce because they compromise the calcium absorption in the intestine and increase the risk of stone formation in the urinary tract.

If you want to give him/her potatoes, they should better be boiled because they become much more digestible, and high temperatures destroy the toxins that may be harmful to your friend.

Avoid peppers, tomatoes and aubergines: a dog’s digestive system is unable to process these veggies, and they can aggravate existing diseases (such as arthritis).

Garlic, chives and onions are veggies we should never consider giving your Beagle. They easily irritate the bowel and contain toxic substances that can cause severe damage to red blood cells. These vegetables are to be avoided in any possible way.

So, feeding him/her just with dog food, we can safely integrate its supply with some veggie/fruity snack, even more if we see that the Beagle appreciates them.

As mentioned before, with the help of fruits and vegetables we may lower the consumption of snacks. Even better, the quality of its meals (and so his health) may be improved by not using any processed food!


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