Dog VS Hammock

Louie has encountered a problem. His favorite ball has been stuck in a hammock. What does Louie do? That is simple. He firstly tries to bark at the hammock in the hopes that the ball will be scared off the hammock and come to him. When that does not work, he tries to run around the hammock pretending that he does not care about the ball. Apparently, that does not function either. Then Louie goes on to think about the situation and evaluates his options. Apparently, thinking is also not Louieā€™s strong suit. Therefore, he goes on being himself that is being a beagle and forgets about the ball. However, the ball has an elusive charm to it. It attracts Louie again. Louie is now pretty aggravated. He tries another move. He was attempting to peek in the hammock like a Meer Kat, and that does not seem to work either. Therefore, he comes to us and asks for our help by wagging his tail. However, we are busy making the video, so we do not budge. He comes to us repeatedly, but we do not help him, so he attacks us. We still do not help, so he makes do with shaking the hammock wildly frequently and, at last, succeeds in getting the ball.

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