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Everything You Should Know about Beagles And Buddies

Beagles And Buddies
Beagles And Buddies

Everything You Should Know about Beagles And Buddies

Situated in Southern California, Beagles and Buddies is known as a no-kill rescue facility that’s dedicated in rescuing abandoned, unwanted, and homeless purebred Beagles, some hounds, and mixed Beagles. This organization offers medical care for such dogs including vaccinations as well as neutering or spraying, and works to find them permanent, loving homes. Since it was established in year 1993, Beagles and Buddies has found living permanent homes for over 12,000 dogs and continues to rescue dogs.

While almost all adoptable dogs do find forever homes, they’re committed to providing and keeping a lifetime safe home for dogs that are not adopted. Beagles and Buddies is a non-profit organization and this depends upon the donations to help fund their rescue work as well as volunteers to care for and search for new homes for adoptable dogs.

Every dog gets treatments and medical exams. Every vaccination is updated based on the available history for the dog. Beagles and Buddies also fight against overpopulation of pet through neuters or sprays. They also observe the personality and temperament for several days and match them up with some kennel buddies they can play with.

Aside from adoptions and rescues, Beagles and Buddies offer such services to the pet owners including boarding, deworming, mange, tick dips, flea, bathing, grooming, ear cleaning, and nail trimming. Unfortunately, they don’t provide rabies vaccinations at present.

Some of the work in Beagles and Buddies includes the following:

  • Speaking at the local schools regarding responsible pet ownership.
  • Advocating neutering or spraying to minimize pet overpopulation.
  • Recommending great professional dog trainers and advising on problem solving.
  • Educating on the significance of early vaccinations for fatal diseases distemper and parvo.
  • Screening every new dog owner to recommend great match for them.
  • Encourage people to rescue homeless dogs rather than purchasing puppies.
  • Community outspeak programs are the method of teaching, which instills in some kindness, respect for all life, and compassion. The organization also has an active education program for every age level. As part of their work to promote humane treatment of the animals, their education program is a vital link to the community.

The goal of Beagles and Buddies is to:

  • Provide lifetime care and shelter to rescued dogs that are not adopted.
  • Adopt rescues to loving and responsible new homes, providing dogs the second chance they always deserve.
  • Fight pet overpopulation through neutering and spraying every rescue.
  • Vaccinate every rescue against diseases and provide them the needed health care.
  • Rescue the homeless and unwanted dogs and hounds as space permits.

The volunteers of Beagles and Buddies work tirelessly to find happy, secure new homes for as many resident dogs as possible. As a non-profit organization, they are completely dependent on volunteers and donations. The regular donations depend upon to pay for shelter fees for rescues, medical supplies, food, grounds maintenance, vet bills, and many more.

If you are interested in adopting a Beagle-mix or Beagle, you can browse the official website of Beagles and Buddies.


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