Funny Dog gets an awesome surprise


In this video, we see that Louie gets an excellent surprise in the form of a surprise gift! We give the gift box to Louie and let it open the box itself. At first, Louie tries to open the box wrapping with its teeth. After attempting to open the box for several minutes, Louie finally succeeds in opening it. However, the wrapping is stuck on Louie. Louie is an intelligent dog; it takes the wrapping off.

When Louie sees inside the box, he is enthralled. There is a Jolly ball in the box. Dogs love Jolly balls. We take Louie and the ball outside and make him play with it. Louie is so happy with the shot that he is wagging his tail and running around with the ball.

After playing with the ball for some time, we expected Louie to calm down and take some rest, but Louie was so hyped with the ball that he continued playing with it and made us play with him too. We run after Louie, who is running after the ball.

Even after playing with the ball, Louie returns to the gift box and tears the stuffing out of the box in hopes that there will be more presents in there.

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