Funny Dogs VS Bathtub

Hygiene is not just necessary for humans, but it is imperative for dogs as well! Bathing your dog is something you should find enough time to do. While you do not have to give your dog a bath each week, you should do so periodically. We recommend that you sketch out a schedule or mark “cleaning days” on your calendar. This way you can work on your plans and reintroduce your dog to the tub on a consistent basis. Establishing a regular bath is also important. A dog can only be comfortable when accustomed to certain situations. Baths also reduce the risk of fleas or ticks sticking around your dog’s body longer than usual. Fleas immediately die when they come in contact with warm water. We recommend you use a flea brush as well when scrubbing your friend down.

Is your dog afraid of the bath? Treats are a wonderful way to train and entice your young friend. While dogs and baths usually do not get along, you do not want the smell of our friend to take up the entire house. Watch this hilarious video of two beagles versus a bathtub. See how many treats it takes to convince them to get in finally!


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