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This beagle’s daily schedule is something worth documenting. We strapped a GoPro camera to him so you could finally see the world through the eyes of a dog. Watch the funny footage along with dog’s mental notes. Follow this beagle from having breakfast in the morning to having a blast in the park! It is important to understand how your dog sees the world and the people around them. Remember to keep this in mind when taking them for walks or trying to implement training! Watching a day in the life of a dog is a great way to understand the way they think – so you can better understand why they act! The best way to train your dog is to understand why they are doing what they are doing and implanting on that. This video shows every bit of this beagle’s actions during the day with their daily schedule! You will be surprised to find out firsthand how your dog sees the world. If you have a GoPro strap, it on your friend over the weekend and watch your own hilarious highlights. It is a tool that can help the owner understand and sympathize with their friend even more.


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