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Watch this hilarious compilation of dogs including beagles being shameless, beagles speaking, beagles playing catch, beagles chasing their tail around and around until they tire out. Also, have you ever wondered why your toaster oven keeps being left open when you think you close it? Look at your beagle! Watch how this talented, smart dog jumps up to interact with human kitchen gadgets to have some fun while being home alone. Showing off his tricks of playing dead and coming back to life. Keep an eye why taking out the trash – as your dog may jump up to get in there! How many tennis balls can your dog fit in his/her mouth? I bet this beagle can count that by double – watch this beagle successfully play fetch with his for favorite tennis balls. They save the curtain closer for last! Wait until the end to hear the beautiful tunes of this beagle playing an original tune on the piano with his or her original lyrics!

Taking videos of your dog is an excellent way to track their funny moments and record their skillful tricks. Watch this compilation of beagles showing off their best tricks play on their owners and how they react when they are alone. Dogs rewarded in many different ways. They love to show off! However, it is also important to teach them how to act and how to be alone. Although we would like to spend every waking moment with our pup, it is quite impossible to do so.

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