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How to acclimate the right home environment for your beagle

Can you live the high life with a beagle at home, even if you don’t have plenty of space? Of course, you can, and many people prove it. The dog can be happy, and you can be happy.

It is not a problem to live with a beagle in a small house, just organize the days well and, above all, continue to think that the beagle is an integral part of your family.

Suddenly this will become second nature. This concept is in many articles of the blog because we never tire of repeating it. 🙂 No matter whether you have a large garden or a small room, to live well with your dog, you must satisfy their basic needs every day.

These needs are health, space (defined as the quality of space, not as square meters), movement, and sociability.

Because even if you have a garden the size of a football field, when you leave the beagle alone all day and consider it a kind of “tool” to have them outside, your dog will remain an unhappy dog and never build a good relationship with you.

With that said, I do have an example. Let’s consider living in a small apartment with no balcony or garden with a beagle adult.

Any typical day might begin with just the satisfaction of a few basic needs. We get up early for the walk, where it can do the needs, and we can interact with him/her to make it satisfying, then return to play 5 minutes, and you give the baby food.

Later, there may be a small output lunch break to meet the needs (can also be made by other family members), and in the evening, we can repeat a pleasant walk (maybe making him meet with his other little friends) and give the baby food, always playing the game and interacting with them as part attitude structure.

As mentioned above, the secret to living well with the dog is not the amount of space, but the satisfaction of his/her basic needs.

With a baby, things are a bit more complicated because, in the early days, it should be followed more often and carefully, but in any case, if you live in a small apartment, habits can be built to get to the day-type described above.

As for the real organization of the house, here are some general guidelines that can help us to make it more “beagle proof ” and spare you some hassle.
Create your personal space.

Say this concept often, because it is crucial to start off on the right foot and not unnecessarily confuse the dog. Let us build a personal space where they feel safe, just as mentioned in the post, “We educate the puppy well with the “confinement.” This space will be maintained throughout its life and is a haven that will provide improved safety.

Remove valuables or dangers and make them out of reach.

If you have ornaments, delicate objects, or dangerous “height beagle,” try to move them up or hide (for example electrical wiring or cleaning the house) to avoid any possible accident.

Some important spaces of the house remain “off limits.”

Usually, the bed is one that has more meaning. Even if you live in a studio apartment, try not to get used to the beagle to go on the bed, because it is as if it were your own “den”, the den leader, and for the balance of dog, it is crucial not to give free access to this space … it is reserved for you.

If we have a sofa-bed, you can avoid doing it up when the bed is open, and when it is in this configuration, sofa space loses its importance as an area shared by the herd.

The hierarchy is a crucial aspect of the life of a dog, and organizing them well can do a lot for their balance and happiness.

So, you should not worry about not having enough space to keep the beagle at home. Focus on participation in the life of your family pack for years of enjoyable living together!


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