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How to choose a pet resort for Dogs

Sometimes you can have unexpected commitments, long trips where your beagle may suffer or where you have to spend time in places where dogs are not accepted. Whatever the reason would be, sooner or later you may need a pension for dogs to take care of your most faithful friend.

Besides many serious professionals who do their job with love daily, unfortunately, some stories scare every dog owner. Dogs that return full of ticks, conditions that border the abuse, facilities passed off pensions that seem jails and so on.

All this is not good for the owners. Bad.
Because anyone who is forced to take his or her dog to a pet resort may already be concerned about missing his or her friend, imagine if the experience for it could even be worse!

You will probably end up cursing all pet resorts, the owners, and the perfect pet’s service sector.

This is a shame because often those who happen to experience negative experiences prefer anything rather than to go back to a pet resort for dogs, with a new risk of leaving the dog in the hands of some weirdo.

However, we must not be afraid, nor thinking that all the pensions are the same.

There are so many good facilities around that can take very well enough care of your beagle and here is where the International Organization for Animal Protection comes in handy, which has developed ten basic points with which we can defend ourselves against “an old fox.” Let’s see:

1) Visit different facilities and immediately discard those whose owners do not allow access.

Common sense suggests that those who do not want to show us how to keep dogs may have something unpleasant to hide. Follow your common sense.

2) The boxes should be large enough and possibly divided into two communicating parts. One of the two should be covered with inside kennel and bowls. The box should not be talking with the adjacent and materials used must be insulated, so definitely avoid those pet resorts that have shelters with tin roofs.

This is very genuine and connected to the point 9. In addition to the hygiene rules, always say goodbye to those facilities that turn into a freezer in winter and into an oven in summer.

3) Be aware that a major pet resort always has a trusted veterinarian that would be visiting the place regularly, especially in peak season (July and August).

This is a must. We’d like this never to be the case, but in the event of injury or malaise of the dog, the response from those who have it in custody must be promptly and efficiently.

4) Favor those pet resorts whose managers require a copy of the health card and a certificate of good health: it means they take into account the importance of immunization coverage. And it also means that they have regard for the dogs that host. This is not evident: there must be no risk that our dog would come back sick or infested with parasites!

5) Favor those pet resorts with water bowls set in such a way that they cannot be overturned or bowls with a vending machine.

That is why the facility could accommodate many dogs and inevitably, not every animal could be followed 24 hours a day. This eliminates the risk of suffering from thirst until the arrival of an officer.

6) Visit the dog kennel and ask how often and for how long the dogs are taken out and if they are in contact with other dogs.

It is our right to know if the basic needs of the dog are satisfied. So, the beagle will regularly be released in these areas, and there should NOT be a risk of contact with problematic dogs that do not get along.

7) Ask about the presence of a night watchman.The beagle will stay there at night. It isn’t nice to know that dogs are left to themselves: you should demand to entrust the beagle to a facility operated at night by a competent person.

8) Note the possible presence of holes, cracks, and dangerous metallic net’s spikes where dogs often also play with the fence or dig to exit from under the net. Another rule dictated by common sense, especially for our beagle so enterprising and eager to explore the world.

9) Inquire on the heating system for the winter months and make sure there is a good enough air circulation in the summer months.

10) A final measure, crucial to keeping in mind is hygiene: a place with so many dogs will never be perfect, but a minimum of decency is in order.
So, during your visit, pay attention to the general cleanliness and try to figure out if any boxes are cleaned while releasing the dog.

You can do other useful things.

Meanwhile, make sure that the beagle is OK with vaccinations and is in good health.

Also, it would be better to stay in regular contact with the manager to find out the status of the dog day by day, as well as to tell them in advance, if your dog has a problematic behavior, or if it does not tolerate certain situations.

Finally, it is best to avoid the pet resort (even though the structure is excellent) if your friend is, in particular, physical conditions, such as being very young and with the cycle of vaccinations not yet completed, if it has just been adopted, if anomalies behavioral or if it is in drug treatment, if it is ancient and, in the case of females, if pregnant or in heat.

In these cases, we must find alternatives.

What are these alternatives?

Lately more and more dog sitters, dog training professionals and amateurs promote to host one or more dogs at their home.

The advice that I can give to find reliable and competent people is also in this case based on common sense. It is not enough for someone to say, “I love dogs,” to entrust your beagle in their hands. He/she must prove their seriousness and the fact that his skills are certified.

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