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How to choose the best dog-sitter for your Beagle

The first instruction is general to select those who propose a cognitive meeting (usually free) before taking custody of the dog. We will know this person better, and we will be “interviewed” them to ensure the best stay possible to our dog.

During this meeting have a look at how the place where we would leave the beagle in the days of custody is organized and distrust if:

– There are a thousand dogs in complete confusion without a minimum criterion of coexistence between them; if these people want to keep hordes of dogs in the house, you had better find a pension.

– The custodians treat the dog as an inferior being and allow themselves to tell us the same old prehistoric story: “I have to give it some slap to show who’s in charge.” I don’t mean to scare you, but I’d bet you will not be there when the “slap” becomes something heavier.
The guardians do not bother to satisfy dogs’ needs of movement and sociability during the stay; this is because it is convenient to put dogs in the house. The harder it is to treat them as they deserve. Ask what way they will organize walks and moments of everyday life. In case try to get in touch with others who have already had their dog staying there and ask them what they think about the place. In this situation, word of mouth can be crucial.

The house or the garden are not adequately protected or enclosed. The beagle has to be kept in a safe place.

In conclusion, do not trust the first one you find: use common sense to look for the right person.

If instead you want to choose the pet resort, see the excellent facilities selected with the same criteria described above.


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