Beagle Tips

How to clean the ears of the beagle?

What would be your dog without its beautiful, large and lovely fluttering ears? The ears of the Beagle is one of its most striking features and the sympathy of this dog, they are also connected to the funny expressions that him/her have.

And then: his/her tender and playful expression they have when running toward us and their ears accompany it with their incomparable flopping motion.

Besides the aesthetics, the ears of the Beagle certainly have a particular form, which is the fruit of decades of selection. This unique form carries some drawbacks that over time can lead to more severe inconvenience if you do not take care of the ears of the Beagle virtually every day.

Precisely, because of their shape those big ears drooping not allow air to circulate, as it should in the ear canals. Also, they favor the accumulation of earwax because the forms within the large ears are quite twisted and make it easy to accumulate dirt.

If you think of the ease with which your dog makes his/her raids, with ears well developed on the outside it is easier penetration of foreign bodies and there remain, as there is space at will.

With all this in mind, compared to other dogs it is easier than in beagle develop inflammation in the ears, so…

How can you clean the ears of the Beagle?

First, there are the behaviors to be avoided to prevent ailments to his/her ears:

  • In a car:

Although it is very nice to see her ears flapping and he who enjoys the breeze, in the end, it is easier than with all that air is shot into the inflamed ear canals.

  • Protect the inside of the ears when he/she take a bath, for example with two pieces of cotton wool. If water stagnates in the ear canals, it is much easier even cause irritation.

That said, here is how to take care of his ears:

  • Never insert anything into the ear canal of the dog, not even your pinky or a small finger!

As a result, you will push even deeper earwax, or worse, you could damage his/her eardrum. It is not to bring bad luck, but unfortunately, things happen just because of real risks underestimated.

You leave the ear canal to the veterinarian and concern yourself with only the outer ear.

  • The first method is easy, fast and secure: you can use a finger!

In fact, with a small cotton ball (maybe gauze or a tissue), helping us with our finger be able to have a proper cleaning his/her ear flap in a short time by removing all the dirt that you will see.

  • One or more times per week (also, in this case, the veterinarian will advise the best there depending on the product) it is useful to apply a preparation that prevents inflammation and reduces the amount of ear wax accumulated in the ear.

These products can be made directly with the dropper or spray.

Once the medication is deposited it is better to close the ear and massage gently, otherwise the beagle will shake violently, flinging all over during preparation.

If your beagle does not like someone to touch his/her ears, you can gradually get the dog used to it, awarding it with generosity (so much praise and titbits) each time you do the cleaning while remaining quiet.

With a few simple daily moves, you will keep safe his/her ears from unwanted diseases or unpleasant situations.

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