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How to House Train Your Beagle Puppies

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How to House Train Your Beagle Puppies

So, your family just recently welcomed a cute Beagle puppy. You spent your time fawning and playing with your adorable pet but now, you have to start training your Beagle puppy or you face serious problems later on.

The process of house training Beagle puppies can be a bit tricky but doing so when they are still young can be very rewarding.

The Beagle breed is one of the most beloved and loyal dogs that have found their way in the homes of many families in different corners of the globe. But just like any breed, Beagle puppies need to undergo proper house training to save yourself from a serious mess in the future.

The Power of Reward

Primarily due to their friendly nature, Beagles respond much better to positive reinforcement instead of a negative one. When you house train your Beagle, you have to reward this if it does something that you want it to. For instance, you can give your puppy with its favorite treats each time it uses the bathroom outside. Never, ever rub its nose in the mess and instead, take the puppy outdoors until it uses the bathroom again and give the treat when it does. Remember that being violent with your puppy is a big no-no.

Stick to Repetitions

Repetitive motions are amazing teaching tools and doing things exactly the same way each and every time will help you teach your Beagle puppy quickly. The process of house training your Beagle can be faster if you take it out for walks at the same time every day, respond using the same treats and use the same tone and punishment words each time.

Start as Soon as Possible

One question that Beagle owners usually ask about is how soon they should start with the house training process. The answer here is to do it as soon as possible. Beagle puppies can learn very quickly. It means that it is not just possible to teach your pet with good habits at a young age for at the same time, if you fail to training the puppy early on, it might get some bad habits that you don’t want it to have and these habits can be difficult to break. You should never wait to start house training your Beagle puppy.

Don’t Leave Out the Fun

Beagle puppies love to play and run and are great for those who have big backyards. Establish a solid friendship with your puppy by playing with it often. It will also increase your chances of your Beagle responding to your expressions of disapproval. When your Beagle puppy knows that you are a friend, it will never want to make you feel upset.

Again, you should never be aggressive or violent with your Beagle puppies. It will only train them to respond in a violent way not just to you but also to other dogs and people. This can also make your pet sad and introverted instead of a friendly and happy dog as you want it to be.

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