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How to spend a good day at the beach with your beagle!

It must be said that on the beach and by the sea, beagles suffer from heat more than humans do. It’s easier for them to be in the mountains or a cooler area.

With that said, we could still take them on a beach trip with us! In fact, by going to the beach together, you’ll not only share the joys of the holidays, but it will also give your beagle the opportunity to explore new places and test out new sensations. All right things for your friend!

To make your dog feel comfortable, though, you must consider a few simple needs. This is important because what you like doesn’t necessarily mean it’s what your dog likes, too.

Here are some tips and tricks to avoid troubles and have a better experience with your buddy by the sea.

Beautiful day at the beach – Choose the right location: 

If you want to be rest assured, it is better to find a beach where pets are allowed.

Sure, we can always take refuge in some house away from everything and everyone but for those who want to enjoy the facilities available to “ordinary” bathers, finding a suitable beach is fundamental.

Advice: do not limit yourself to read online if a holiday accommodation accepts dogs or not. It is better to call them and be well informed because sometimes it happens that on paper everything seems fine when in fact there are restrictive regulations.

Think of its welfare: 

Once the location and accommodation are chosen, it is crucial to think about the well-being of your dog. They might more than you in the summer heat of the beach.

In the article, “Heat stroke in beagles,” I talked about heat stroke and the main danger that overheating can cause to your friend.
Follow the main recommendations for its safety.

1) Always have a nice bowl of fresh water available.

It is important for the dog to have clean water that is at the right temperature.

2) Make sure that there is a shady area that is easily accessible. Considering that the Beagle manages the high temperatures with difficulty, we can make things a lot easier for it by providing a shady area that can be reached quickly and freely. This is essential for his/her safety!

3) Rinse the beagle’s mantle always with fresh water after swimming in the sea to remove the salt.

Skin and hairs should never remain covered with salt.

4) Avoid taking a walk or engaging it in physical activities during the hottest hours of the day. With the sun beating down walking or running should be activities to avoid, even if there is a nice breeze on the beach.

5) NEVER leave your dog in the car! Even if it is parked in the shade or if we leave the windows open, this is something never to do.

These conditions are not enough to cool him/her off on a hot day! Let’s keep that in mind.

If the car is hit directly by sunlight, then it becomes a death trap.
6) Refresh your dog often. Regulating his/her temperature at the beach can never be done often enough. We can use a damp towel, starting from the legs and continue with the rest of the body until its head. Also, you can give him/her an ice cube to lick or make him/her play with a cotton wet/frozen bone or a Kong filled with cheese that has been frozen in the freezer.

If you do everything to control its body temperature, you are on the right way to spend beautiful days with the beagle by the sea and have great memories of your holidays together!


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