How to train a dog: When to start Training?

Assuming that who takes a puppy in gets it at least 60 days old (see the post “Why it’s important not to take in a puppy before 60 days?” I talked about the various reasons why it is better to do so), nothing prevents you from starting the process of education of your new friend immediately.


Some owners believe that to start any educational process that they should wait for the dog to have a certain age, some say ten months, others say a year, some others even more…

This cliché stems from a misunderstanding, created precisely to the difference between the concept of education and training.
Education” means teaching the dog a series of behaviors that it should apply to live well in the human world, which it cannot do instinctively.

With “training”, we usually refer to the teaching of particular skills, more or less sophisticated and accurate. For example, the surface research, sport, and so on.

To train a dog, there is a need to teach it complicated and particular behaviors. It must first be educated, building a relationship with it and learning it the basics to live well in the human world.

Therefore, the optimal development would be puppy-class – education – training system.

In this case, the training surely would begin at a certain age, but after completing the crucial process of education.

Obviously, between a puppy beagle and an adult, there are differences, and we must consider those. this is if we do not want to risk bore or to give it unnecessary stress, resulting in irritating it and not letting it learn anything.

The biggest difference to be considered in the approach between a puppy and an adult is the ability to concentrate.

In fact, a cute puppy full of enthusiasm will not be able to stay focused for more than five minutes, so it is unnecessary and harmful to pretend that it would give us attention for longer. Much better, interlace sessions with some healthy free movement.
However, as stated above, no session should exceed five minutes and what is more, we can dedicate a maximum of 15 minutes altogether in a day (this is already a lot!).

The ability to concentrate for an adult increases when a beagle grows, and we can go up to 10 minutes of “full immersion” in education, taking care to maintain a playful attitude and never force the dog to do something at all costs.

So there is no problem if we start teaching manners to our young dog immediately and don’t be afraid to ask the opinion “live” of a professional educator (the first interview is almost always free): your friend will learn as soon as possible how to react to balanced urbanized civilization’s stimuli.


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