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If the Beagle suffers from car sickness

If your beagle suffers from car sickness, it is not something to be underestimated and should be resolved soon. How can you ever go on a holiday or even just to a picnic without your beloved long eared friend?

The sickness can affect any dog regardless of race. In our case, while for some owners carrying a beagle in the car is not a problem at all, for others it may be a concern that could ruin a beautiful spring day trip or, in severe cases, make everyone stay at home if there is no one looking after the dog!

Let’s see a little more about this annoying discomfort.

How can you recognize the car sickness?

The dog that suffers from it usually has a more pronounced salivation, pants noisily until vomiting and may appear disoriented and agitated.

What causes this?

The causes are many, which is why first of all we should ask the opinion of the veterinarian to ensure that at the origin of these disturbs there are no diseases or organ dysfunctions.

Eventually, the dog may be sick for a high sensitivity to the movements of the car so you can try driving “softer” and check if the beagle feels bad about any track.
Often, however, this disorder is from an anxious state tied to past experiences that have negatively affected his/her relationship with the car.

This is nothing particularly serious: the car is not a natural object that the dog knows instinctively. It is up to us to introduce it in the best possible way and to make him understand that there is nothing to fear.

How can you do this?

Assured that regarding its health everything is fine; you can now engage to make it consider the car a part of its everyday life, almost as if it was its “second home.”

– Very gradually, support the dog to enter the car while it is parked with the engine off. It is even better if we can do it in a secure area letting him/her get in and out freely.

It may help to reward them with lots of praises and a treat if he/she settles spontaneously on the rear seats.

If your beagle is already accustomed to the carrier, this can be another big help to make it accept the car.

– When you see that the dog is more relaxed and willing to sit in the car you can repeat the experience but always with the car stopped and, this time, the engine running.

– Later, always making sure that the beagle has become familiar with the situation, you can take a short ride (even just the neighborhood). Maybe after a long tiring walk while making the dog sit on the rear seat.

– If the dog seems calm and relaxed, you can gradually increase the distance, sometimes reinforcing its correct behavior with many valuable praises and a treat. If we notice that the beagle is uncomfortable, drools or complains, let’s ignore the goal and get back home. Next time you could do a shorter ride.

– The first long travels are best to end with something pleasant for the dog as a playful nice run in a safe and pleasant environment. This will help relieve the anxiety that often can cause motion sickness.

Always make sure not to let the beagle in the car alone or with children: this last case should always be supervised by an adult, either with a puppy or with a grown dog!

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