Life Inside the Cone Of Shame

Sometimes a visit to the vet leaves us with a dog’s head in a cone! Cones are to prevent dogs from reopening wounds by licking them or just to keep them safe. Usually after surgery or hurting himself or herself to prevent any further complications to your dogs. Dogs may want to lick or bite at the area that is off limits. Though your pup may not like the cone, it is important to keep the cone on for a few days after or until the pup heals. This will ensure full recovery and it is what you can do to make sure you are looking out for what is best for a long time. Always listen to your vet – even when your puppy s too cute to resist! They will thank you later.

A cone does not stop this beagle from doing his favorite activities. Watch as she runs into the sliding glass door, stumble over her cone when trying to catch her favorite toys, and never give up her will to keep up with her brother. Her determination ultimately pays off! Sometimes the dog pretends the cone is not even there – they certainly will not let it get in the way of them having fun!


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