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Lost Dog: What to do?

Losing a dog is a mishap that can happen in any family, and not just to a beagle’s owner.

Of course, this dog is well known for its tendency of being more exploratory so it could easily be attracted to find out what’s out there than other breeds.

In this article, it’s needless to say that the use of the leash is essential to keep your dog safe and that in an urbanized society we should release it only when no danger may scare it or make it chase something.

Now, you deal with what to do when the dog is already lost, when “the omelet has already been done.” For some, it might seem like a situation with “no way out” although we can still do a lot.

So what to do if our dog is lost?

1) Even though it is most difficult and less intuitive let’s try with all our strength to remain calm and lucid.

Let’s start with this. It’s the fundamental key to everything else. If we lost the dog, it does not mean that it is in danger and holding our nerve will help us a lot both in the research and in the discovery phases.

2) Report IMMEDIATELY the loss of the dog to the closest police station, bringing with you as much information about the animal as you got (such as the health card and the certificate of canine registry).

Why should we do this as soon as possible?

Because if someone finds our dog and wants to keep it (a phenomenon that is more widespread than it seems), if we do not communicate anything to the authorities it will be harder to get it back.

3) Print many flyers. A lot! The more you do, the better, for example, two or three hundred. In most cases when a dog got found are thanks to the distribution of leaflets.

Fill it with information like:

– A good photo of the dog (preferably whole-body)

– A description of the dog, shorter but as accurate as possible

– If it is aggressive or scared of humans

– If it’s wearing collar / tag or other

– Exactly when and where it was lost

– Our contacts (number, email, WhatsApp)

4) Once the Flyers are done, distribute as many as possible in the area where you lost it and nearby.

– Start by going to the kennel area and deliver one to them, this way they will immediately recognize the dog if someone brings it there. Later, contact the kennel several times to ensure they haven’t forgotten to let us know the arrival of the animal.

– Spend more time in the area where the dog is lost and ask many people if anyone remembers seeing something. For example, if there are bars or hangouts, these can be places someone could provide valuable information.

-Spread leaflets at a bus stop, in parks where there are dog areas, parking lots, supermarkets and pet stores. If we stick them outside, better put them in a clear plastic folder so they won’t get ruined with possible rain or whatever.

5) Report the loss, bringing with you even more leaflets, to veterinarians in the area and potential places of animal rights or animal welfare.

6) With the same information that you used for the flyers, spread as much as possible on the Internet reporting the loss. The “social” side is the best place to start; often it can give you excellent support. So, head to Facebook first.

7) As a result, we increase the radius of action “offline” in our reporting, contacting kennels in other areas, although they seem too distant. There were findings of dogs several kilometers away from the place of the loss.

Eventually, if you hold our nerve and don’t despair even after a few days, a result can have big surprises. As I said earlier, the most difficult but also the most important thing to do is to stay calm and lucid.

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