Louie the Beagle VS Mario the Italian Plumber

The video begins with Mario, the Italian Plumber and the famed star of his video game series, driving around recklessly in a car. After driving around, he runs off with what seems to be a piece of cloth. This captures Louie’s attention. Louie runs after Mario but to no avail. Mario further runs off with more of Louie’s toys such as Louie’s rubber duck and Louie’s plush toy. Louie does not seem to mind the intrusion of Mario at first, but things begin to escalate when Mario starts causing havoc.

To put an end to the tyranny of Mario stealing Louie’s stuff, we help Louie find Mario in different places such as the game shelf and behind sofas. We proceed to look at Mario in a cabinet where he attacks us all of a sudden and knocks us unconscious. He also takes away one of our shoes and makes us run after him.

This was when we decide to unleash the wrath of Louie on Mario, who was running around in his car like a stuck up person. Louie grabs Mario and begins playing with him. After playing with Mario for a long time, they both become friends.

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