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The Beagle and their satisfaction of chewing

The activity of chewing plays a vital role in all dogs. Your beagle, therefore, is not an exception.

Putting something in their mouth, chewing it, turning it in his/her teeth, or helping with their feet is, in fact, something more than just a pastime for the beagle. It has many positive effects on his body and thier mood. In practice, it is almost a physiological need.

We’re not talking about the problem of biting off, more or less, strongly prohibited items or parts of the body, as discussed in the post, “Our beagle bites all over!” But it is the sheer satisfaction that a dog has in the attempt of chewing something “permitted,” and we can use this activity to give them more serenity and health.

Meanwhile, from the physical point of view, chewing the right things helps oral hygiene and maintains strong jaws, due to the abrasive action of objects. Also, the psychological effect is very pleasant, and that is where you have the greatest advantages.

If your dog can enjoy a chewing time throughout the day, in time, he/she will become more relaxed, more satisfied, and may even pass on the desire to vent with impulses on furniture legs or corners of the carpet.

It is also a fantastic activity to keep your friend busy and divert their attention from the surrounding environment, especially useful if you want to help in the battle against separation anxiety (“Facing the separation anxiety of the Beagle”), when we leave him/her home alone. When our straight trips with us, then give him something to chew. It is often the best “natural tranquilizer” there is.

It was already addressed in other articles, but the objects meant to be chewed countless, and we have to see which ones preferred by your beagle. There is the classic ox skin molded into various shapes, simple toys made of natural rubber, and even fillable ones.
These are the perfect solution: a good game of any rubber Kong ™ filled with a snack and distracted/enjoyed. The dog will stay busy with pleasure for a long time.

If we like to play these games with toys filled with goodies, it’s worth taking a look at the quality of the rubber, especially if we make them warm in the microwave, put them in the freezer in the summer, or wash them in the dishwasher. It is better to pay a little more for a safe toy and not risk small pieces getting in the mouth of the dog. Also, choose them large enough to not be swallowed accidentally.

Give your beagle something to eat that he has to earn the game with his “mouth,” then add an aspect of mental activity. The commitment that the dog will get into the food will have positive effects on his mind, accustoming them to observe the environment constructively.

For this, we can unleash our imagination to offer the dog treats in “packages” that he/she will enjoy destroying to get to the food.

The classic example is to close a few pieces of sausage in a roll of paper (they are happy with the toilet paper or paper towel), and let the beagle have fun destroying it and then rewarding themselves with tidbits. But still, the possibilities of this game are endless.

This will satisfy their need to chew. It will be stimulated mentally, and you will enjoy the well-deserved reward: a blessing for balance. If we remember to give the beagle these satisfactions sometimes during the day, you can only live better and feel calmer. It is a brick to solidify the link between us and improve our relationship.


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