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The Beagle on Vacation: Bring it on!

It ‘s not hard nowadays to find vacation accommodations or facilities where dogs are welcome, so whoever decides to take their dog with them on a holiday has plenty of choices. Among the owners who bring their beagle everywhere and those who prefer to leave him/her at home, there is a large amount of people who are undecided.
The fact is, you love your dog! Some of us are torn between a thousand questions about what is the best choice to please the beagle.

In the article “Vacation Holidays with the beagle: sea or mountain?” we address the two most common generic destinations for the holidays, the sea and mountains, with some advice to enjoy them to the fullest.

The car is the most convenient means of transport and the least problematic. It allows you to be independent and take it easy, but above all it helps you to make many stops depending on the needs of your friend to let him/her take a breath of fresh air, absorb physiological needs and stretch the legs a bit. Driving is the best choice and in the article “Travelling by car with the Beagle”, you can read some indications.

However, you do not always have the option of going on vacations by car, especially if the destination is several hundred kilometers away. In this case, you have to use alternative means of transport.

If you have to travel by train, for example, it’s crucial to be well informed before you book your tickets because depending on the type of railroad line and carriage regulations the transport of animals changes: sometimes the dog must travel strictly in a dog kennel, other times  a muzzle is mandatory, etc. …

The same goes for a ship. In fact, every shipping company has its rules regarding the transport of animals, and there can be differences in rates. In the worst case, it may even have prohibitions of carrying dogs in the cabin. Again, it is essential to inquire before buying tickets to avoid bumping into absurd rules or unexpected bans.

Flights, however, are always a sore spot for all pet owners.  Some airlines allow the transportation of pets in the cabin (in the kennel) up to a certain weight threshold. However, the upper limit is usually around 10 kg. Therefore, unless you have some tiny beagle or put them on a strict diet before the trip, unfortunately, you won’t enjoy this privilege. That means that our dog will have to travel in the cargo hold of the plane, alone in the dark and the cold. Moreover, in many cases, it is necessary to sedate the animal.

A trip in this condition would mean a lot of stress for your dog and this reason if you leave for just a vacation or for a limited time, I would like to advise against it: I firmly believe that it is better not to sedate the dog and don’t let it experience the stress of travelling in the fuselage, unless in exceptional situations. We would rather let it stay in the house monitored by trustworthy people.

The second most common question concerning the accommodation to choose from: hotel, agritourism, house, camping, etc.

Even, in this case, the choice is subjective and changes a lot depending on personal tastes. To get some help, we can Google the ones that accept dogs without any problems, even making a few phone calls of assessment. As we said at the beginning, there are now many facilities that welcome dogs, so you have plenty of chances to take the beagle on holiday with us, no matter where we decide to go.

Here is another detail that I consider essential: you must be aware that the dog is still a commitment and a non-human which means that we must also think about his well-being as well as our own.

The two often do not match. For example, as we said for the flight, if the trip has to be an unbearable stress for the dog, it is appropriate to choose another way of travelling.

Alternatively, if the lifestyle of our holiday is not compatible with the needs of our dog, it is best to think of alternatives.

For example, if we’d like to stay on the beach in the hottest hours without moving from there we must be aware that for the beagle that is a grave danger and we should avoid it at all costs.

Since your friend entrusts its life entirely in your hands, you should never forget to satisfy its needs together with ours.

And if, at the end of it all, we just cannot take it?

At this point, we just have to rely on trusted people. Someone you feel confident about because it will have to take care of your dog during the entire period in which you will be away.

And here there is no excuse: you must leave it in safe hands.

You dare to say that those who look after it in this situation are the third most important people in the life of the beagle, after family and veterinarians. Sometimes it happens that relatives and friends whose vacation does not match yours, offer to give hospitality to our friend. That is fine, as long as they will be acting with care and will be able to satisfy their needs.

Unfortunately, there are those who decide to leave the dog locked up at home or in their garden, in solitude, asking a trusted person to show up once or twice a day to feed him and take him eventually out for its physiological needs. Avoid this solution! The dog suffers terribly from being alone all the time and just feeding it is not enough to make it feel good or even take care of it!

If you do not have friends or relatives available, think about a pet resort for dogs (in the post “How to choose a pet resort for dogs” are some advice to not be ripped off) or a service retirement home, a reality that has become increasingly widespread. It is more or less qualified people who agree to host the dogs in their home treating them like their dogs. Surely, the best solution compared to even the thought of leaving your beloved in a box!

With these guidelines and the previous ones of the linked articles, I hope to help the many owners hesitant to make the right choice.

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