Beagle Health

The care of the Beagle: oral hygiene

Your dog deserves to be followed in the best way: this hygiene should include dental care.

In fact, the diseases related to poor oral hygiene if left untreated can have serious consequences for the health of the dog impinging on the liver, heart, kidneys.

So it is much better that you take daily care of his/her teeth!

Some bacteria are frequently present in his/her mouth but when they multiply too quickly here that forms the bacterial plaque.

How about human ones? Even on the teeth of the Beagle, problems arise from the formation of plaque that it is removed it accumulates causing the dog problems like:

  • Difficulty in chewing
  • Reddened gums, sore and swollen
  • Mobile Teeth in danger of falling
  • Bad breath

Also, if the plaque is not removed in time it can turn into a very hard layer, tartar and if nothing is done this wrap increasingly making the toothpick the gum and discovering the root of the tooth that will also fall.

This condition is dangerous because you can develop severe infections that also affect other organs of the dog, as I wrote at the beginning of the article.

Thus, it’s important to intervene for the cleaning of the teeth!

Accustom your dog to the ritual of teeth cleaning from the beginning.

It must do this at least twice a week: Periodically remove plaque is simple enough but when you form tartar, a professional can only delete this.

  • You can use a toothbrush for dogs but like it is good for children, use a toothbrush with soft bristles. There are also made toothbrushes be inserted on the finger: with this tool, it makes the operation easier and faster.
  • You use special toothpaste for dogs.

DO NOT, never, use toothpaste for humans on dogs because they are harmful to their stomach!

  • Switch the brush by moving horizontally, on the outside of the teeth.

It is not necessary to use the toothpaste on the inside of the teeth: enough already the abrasive action of solid food (croquettes, a great help for the oral hygiene of our friend!), saliva and tongue movements.

Other measures to improve his/her oral hygiene may be to let him chew regularly dedicated products, such as various “stix” for teeth that are found in all pet stores.

Even chewable objects in the dried skin can be of help: even if they are not designed specifically for cleaning of his teeth, regular use can still fight the accumulation of debris.

Recently, some specialized products designed to help the cleaning of the teeth of the dog have come out, advising us through rubbing. They can have different shapes (“sponge”, to “shoe”, etc.) and they are constituted by a dense network of filaments, often flavored, which are used as a game to clean the spaces between the teeth while the dog is relaxed.

Therefore, about the objects that help the oral hygiene of your beagle, you have a lot of different choices.

Remember that the beagle might not immediately accept the cleaning operation (squirming a little) but do not panic; this is for his/her sake!

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