The Dog Toy Critics “Louie and Marie”: Gustav the Vulture from Trixie.

In this episode of the Dog Toy Critics, starring Louie and Marie, we see Gustav the Vulture make an appearance. Said vulture is a plush toy, but we do not want the kids or the dog to know that.  We see our puppy open the box and see the toy for himself; we see the puppies run some durability tests on the new plush toy. Thankfully, our plush toy passed the test. Gustav was familiarized with the previous toys and the fun began.

Louie and Marie, both of them excited after hearing the plushy and squeaky sounds coming from Gustav grab him in their mouths and play tug of war with it. They have plenty of fun doing that but at the expense of a ripped seam in Gustav.

After some more play, Gustav’s wing comes off, and he falls where Louie and Marie pick it up and continue to play with it as if nothing were wrong. They play catch and run with Gustav but in the end, Louie bites Gustav so hard that Gustav rips open. Overall, Gustav and the puppies enjoyed their short time together.



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