Beagle Basic Care

The Eyes of the beagle: How to take good care of them

Eyes of the beagle
Eyes of the beagle

It is not uncommon to see in one go from the eyes of the beagle though something is wrong with his/her health, so it is important that you take care of.

Surely you often watch them: after all eyes are thanks to them that our friend amuses us, moves us and makes us his/her strange requests!

So, when in form, his/her eyes should be bright and cheerful, no redness, swelling or glazes.

In daily hygiene care, to keep clean its contour-eyes, you can use a cotton swab dampened with plain water.

As in many other cases, you do NOT need to use solutions created for humans because they could have damaging effects on the dog. You can use only recommended to the vet and prepared … Not touch his/her eyeball!

Sometimes you can also notice the buildup of sticky substances (and a bit ‘disgusting!) of a yellowish color to the sides of his/her eyes.

This is normal because with these substances the eye is free from dust and dirt that comes in contact with its surface, but if these secretions have a strangely discolored (i.e. greenish) it would be best to ask your vet for advice.

In fact (more intensely during the change of seasons) there may be environmental conditions that favor the irritation of the mucous membranes of the eyes, such as temperature changes or excessive dust. In cases where the anger becomes more severe, it can turn into real conjunctivitis.

Often you cannot solve everything by regularly applying a compress on the eyes of the dog soaked in chamomile tea (yes, the one that is done with the teabag to sleep better), but if you see that within a few days the conditions do not improve, you must turn to your vet.
It can also happen that for inflammation, watery eyes more than usual, by coloring the hair because of the substances contained in them. In this case, you can proceed as above by caressing the hair with a swab moistened with chamomile or, at worst, with a solution, which in the past you had the vet prescribed.

If your dog frequently squeezes their eyelids or rubs his/her eyes with their paw, there’s probably something more serious: let us turn now to the veterinarian because often, even if there is no danger, one that requires us also has a protective function.

Finally, you remember that before applying any preparation on the eyes of your beagle, you must remove the dirt from their boundary although this seems to see nothing, with the usual swab.

A little commitment is certainly worth the joy that you can continually give his/her lively eyes!

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