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The Perfect Guide to beagle dog breed

beagle dog breed
beagle dog breed

Beagle is a member of the Hound Group and a 5th most famous dog in America. This breed has origins dating back about 2500 years ago. Nowadays, the keen sense of smell of Beagle makes it the known choice for working in airport security, while the amiable nature, lack of health issues, and size make them a typical choice for a family pet.

History of Beagle Dog Breed

Originally, the first modern day Beagle was from England in year 1830, yet the ancestors of Beagle can be traced approximately 2500 years in ancient Greece when William the Conqueror bred the Talbot Hounds to make the Southern Hound. During the Medieval times, the hunters used what were called the Pocket Beagles that might fit in the pockets of the hunter and might be released after bigger dogs had cornered prey in the areas that only small dogs can reach. Queen Elizabeth I and King Henry VII were big fans of a pocket beagle that became extinct around year 1900.

By 1700s, North Country Beagle and South Hound were the 2 breeds used for hunting the rabbit and the main common ancestors of this breed of dogs. The 2 breeds were mixed with Foxhound, a fox hunting became a famous sport in Great Britain. In year 1830, modern day Beagle appeared when Reverend Phillip Honeywood would start breeding dogs, which slowly moved away from North County Beagle as well as South Hound. The very first Beagles were a bit smaller and had some pure white coats.

In 1840s, this breed of dogs had 4 variations and these include terrier Beagle, fox Beagle, lapdog or dwarf Beagle, and medium Beagle. Approaching 1900s, there are numerous dogs seen and the standard for this breed was recorded. General Richard Rowett from US had Beagles imported to his home in Illinois where he’d start breeding them and helping Beagle becomes recognized in 1884 by AKC or American Kennel Club.

A Glimpse to Beagle Dog Breed

Beagles basically resemble miniature Foxhounds, yet have a shorter muzzle and broader head. The following is based on AKC standard:

  • Body: this breed of dogs has a sturdy body with a deep and broad chest. Sloping shoulders and strong legs. The tail’s set is a bit high. Beagles weigh from 18 to 30 pounds and these are small-sized breed.
  • Head: A medium-length muzzle and slightly domed skull. The ears set somewhat low and hanging to the nose sometimes. Hazel or brown eyes set well apart in gentle hound expression.
  • Coat: Beagles may come in different colors including Classic tricolor, Dark tricolor, and Faded tricolor.

Care for Beagle Dog Breed

  • Common Health Issues: Beagles are one of the healthiest breeds and aren’t susceptible to a lot of health issues. Obesity may also occur in Beagles once left to free-feed.
  • Approximate Lifespan: 10 to 15 years.
  • Exercise: A thirty minute walk every day is enough.
  • Living Situation: A Beagle dog breed may live in a house or an apartment as long as it gets a daily walk.
  • Grooming: The short coat of Beagle only needs a quick brush once a week to get rid of dead hair and it doesn’t require frequent baths.
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