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Traveling abroad with the Beagle

The trip abroad with the beagle is one of the choices that many owners can do, regarding a holiday destination or any other reasons.

In general, when deciding to leave for a destination outside the country, why shouldn’t a responsible owner inform themselves about all he needs to know to bring along their beloved dog?

The trip abroad with the beagle wouldn’t be a problem as long as you know all of the procedures and standards to respect well depending on the country in which you choose to go.

There is not a specific series of steps to follow valid for any destination. Each state has its rules regarding pets.

So if you choose to carry along your friend, the first thing to do is to plan it well depending on the country of arrival.

If you want to be sure to not to have any trouble once at your destination, you can also retrieve information about the veterinary services, consulates of the country of destination and the best travel agencies.

But, among all the necessary procedures, what should you do to prepare our most faithful friend for the “big jump” in a foreign country?

Your dog must have been given this treatment at no more than a year of age. And if you have to do this for the occasion, it must be done at least 21 days before departure. You can refer to your vet or any good dog lover.


Your dog MUST be written to the canine’s registry (and must do so as soon as we take it, even if we will not go abroad ever!). In fact, the animal must be identified by microchip or tattoo.


It is essential for traveling within the US states. This is a document that shows the information on the animal (including medical ones) and the owner and is issued by a veterinarian authorized by the competent authority.


Some countries also require certification of specific pesticide treatments in the passport, so remember to do that as well, and insert the document before departure.

Upon returning to the US, a blood test is necessary and required to check various parameters, to be done at least 30 days after vaccination against rabies.

You always have to make sure to keep with us all the necessary documents while abroad because, if you are devoid of these, in a possible control measure we could suffer quite severe measures as the return in Italy of the animal or quarantine, all at your expenses.

So, get well informed and have a nice little trip abroad with your beagle. It will become part of your best memories!

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