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Travelling by car with the Beagle

There are many occasions when our trusty friend comes along on a trip by car, maybe for a picnic or for a less pleasant visit to the vet.
Many are the solutions to transport our dog in the car but let’s consider those that are safer for us, our dog and our driver license!

So let’s see how the transport is allowed. (“Travelling by car with the Beagle“)

Free inside the car:

This is a solution to avoid. If you have only one dog, the law allows this, but even though it does not constitute “obstruction or danger to the driver,” who can guarantee that at some point it will not want to nibble the steering wheel or play with you?

Also in the case of sudden maneuvers, it would be violently thrown against the interior parts with the risk of seriously getting hurt—not to mention the possibility of a real accident! Other than the inevitable trauma, your dog would experience a tremendous fear that may lead to them trying to escape through a broken window with the danger of getting lost or being run over by a car.Attempt to avoid having your dog free inside the car!
In the back seat (or in the trunk) separated by fence:

This is a safer option because it will make it impossible to move around the car with the risk of distracting us.

However, the dog would be equally thrown from side to side in the event of sudden movement and accident; there would be the same dangers mentioned above.

On the seat with a special seat belt for dogs:

This is a convenient way, fast and guarantees a right level of security. There are specific harnesses approved and able to hook up to the regular seatbelt’s mechanism. This way the dog would no longer be embossed in the case of sudden maneuvers; they would be safer in the event of an accident and could not wander freely in the car with the risk of distracting you.

In the dog kennel (carrier):

This is certainly the most recommended and safest option

As with the special harness, it would not be embossed and would be much safer in the case of an accident, being protected by a special “wrap” that with time it will consider his/her special “lair.” Even the psychological effect of this tool is not to be underestimated. For many dogs, having a stunning 360° view of the surrounding environment in the car is a source of anxiety and agitation, all reactions that the carrier reduces or eliminates because the view is more limited.
As a result, you will have a quiet dog in a protected and safer environment avoiding any hazard. Think about this!

Now, for on the go: Do not avoid the satisfaction of a nice trip and have your beloved beagle enjoy it, too!



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