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Vacation Holidays with the Beagle: Sea or Mountain?

Holidays are a topic always present when approaching the summer, and also for beagle’s owners!

It seems obvious, but it is much better to take your beloved dog with you instead of confining it for who knows how long by relatives, friends or strangers.
But then, of course, we also want to be free to choose the destination that we like the most!

To ensure the best possible conditions for your friend and to avoid the holiday turning into a torture for him/her and sorrow for us, you must first think of some expedients that vary depending on the place where we want to go.

If you’re considering the sea, pay particular attention to hotels, apartments and beaches that allow hosting dogs.

Also, if you are lucky enough to find a beach where your beloved dog can run around without a leash in a safe fenced area you should not think twice to choose this spot to spend your days on the beach!
Also, the beagle is a dog that needs daily movement. He/she will appreciate morning and evening walk by the sea.

It is forbidden to leave it alone in the car even if we go for a quick coffee and, yes, even with the window slightly down: in addition to the risk of theft, the car in summer reaches excessive temperatures very quickly that he can be deadly for your dog.

Avoid leaving him/her alone in an apartment or hotel room: your dog could ultimately bother someone and destroy anything besides suffering from feeling neglected in an unfamiliar place. Let’s have it always on our side!

Although you may love to get tanned “wildly” on the foreshore at two in the afternoon, it is better to keep your dog in the shade as much as possible to avoid dangerous heat stroke (remember that he/she does not sweat like us!). Always keep plenty of water, a fresh towel to be able to cool it off if that would be needed and as always…  pick up their poop.

If we choose the mountain, in many ways this may be a better suit for it. Often the weather is more pleasant and walking in the woods and meadows offers it an exciting world of new smells. Also, in this case, seek facilities able to host your dog without problems.

Be careful if deciding to release him/her: they could follow odorous traces of wild animals and escape.

Avoid unpleasant encounters (ticks, fleas, snakes, etc.) along the paths trying to keep your dog as far away from the edges and, as we said already, carry a good supply of water to refresh and quench it.

At this point, I only wish a good and well-deserved vacation cheered up by the company of your beagle.

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