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What if your beagle stinks?

beagle stinks
beagle stinks

What if your beagle stinks?

It sounds like a stupid question but in fact, it is less ignorant than you might think.

Surprisingly, more and more people interested in welcoming a Beagle in their life are held back by this doubt, because they think that the bad smell is an integral part of this race.

The idea that someone waives his/her decision to have a beagle because they “smell” can make people smile.

Misinformation on this topic, however, is so severe, that the mind of a would-be owner this doubt can be the straw that breaks the camel, and he does not take more of a beagle.

Here’s some clarity on the subject:

First of all, it is right to say that a specific odor emanating is not a characteristic of the beagle breed or other breeds in particular!
The stench, in fact, is rather due to a number of causes related to the individual and to his lifestyle and can be:

  • beagle stinks – Poor oral hygiene:

If you neglect to clean regularly the teeth of your friend, especially if it is no longer a puppy and if he/she eats wet food, in the end, the conditions of their mouth will be such as to be felt even at a distance. To take care of his/her mouth, you can use toothpaste for dogs with a special brush (available in shops for pets), and wash your friend’s teeth, at least, a couple of times a week (this is just the minimum, it would be better once a day).

  • beagle stinks -Poor hygiene toward the mantle:

If the beagle lives mainly outdoors or even just a few minutes to give it raids, it will accumulate a  “particular” smell.

Your friend is crazy! They can roll on something smelly or have fun running around on the grass where sooner or later come into contact with something strange. Something terrible, at least for our sense of smell! To eliminate the underlying problem, just take five minutes every evening and brushing the hair (with a rubber glove or special brushes) and then use wet wipes for pets on its mantle.

Also, approximately once every month and a half, a nice bath completes the “standard” care of his/her mantle. Remember then to dry it every time it gets wet in the rain, too!

  • beagle stinks – Poor nutrition:

Even with proper oral hygiene, if the beagle is not properly assimilated to its food, this is one of the signs that their breath is not exactly the scent of roses. Then, if the problem persists, to take away any doubts about the correctness of his/her power,  always talk to your vet. They will clarify the ideas. 🙂

If you love your beagle and if they are active, an unpleasant smell can be normal but certainly stopped, as it is for any other dog.

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