Beagle Health

Why does my beagle lose so much hair?

Any doubt as we both came from the mantle of the Beagle here is the type of hair this dog has and what you can expect regarding the loss of hair.

 How is the coat of the Beagle made?

The “standard of beagle” speaks of the hair as “short, dense, resistant, and waterproof.”

In fact, his/her mantle is perfect for the hunter / tracker work for which he/she was selected. Precisely for this, the coat is short and dense, to defend the body from the extreme conditions that the dog may face during the hunt and at the same time not to obstruct he/she unnecessarily.

Many of us do not hunt (to tell the truth almost no one captures), but you need the same to know in detail how is his/her mantle because we have there to do every day.

So in short, the mantle of the Beagle has:

1) A layer of outer hairs, those you see colored in white / black / brown / orange /, etc.

2) A thin coat layer below, the famous undercoat, consists of more delicate hair, short and thick, a kind of gray fluff that always serves to protect the skin from external environmental stresses.

When and why does the beagle shed their coat?

Every dog is different, and even then, I cannot offer accurate and correct indications for everyone.

The regular hair loss is to get rid of dead hair. This is a mechanism in nature that is very effective to remove dirt and parasites.

Usually, the beagle has a minimum loss of hair (regularly throughout the year), which is accentuated by changes of season.

In these times, it is even more important to pay particular attention to the care of the coat, brushing carefully every day to remove all the dead hair accumulated.

This is important to consider his/her health because such a sick or stressed beagle can lose a lot of hair for long periods. If you have doubts, then, do not hesitate to seek the advice of the veterinarian.

We say “usually” because, in reality, there are beagles that lose a lot of hair throughout the year, and they are very healthy, and there are also beagles that have longer or shorter hair than average although falling perfectly in the standard.

To learn more, you can refer to the article “The Beagle care: the mantle.

What do you do at home and car seats if your beagle loses their hair?

With a little ‘commitment plus you can have a thoroughly clean house even though inside there roams a beagle in the prime of his/her joy.

Remaining in the general area, the hair can be collected from the floors regularly with a regular vacuum cleaner.

With the carpets, you can reach success only when you knock and then passing the vacuum cleaner, or with special tools designed specifically for their cleaning.

Sofas and upholstered chairs, a fast and efficient help you can have it by adhesive brushes, useful also for car seats if you do not want to cover them with protective materials (But then, those will also clean).

An alternative for sofas and seats is to use a damp microfiber cloth on them. After some past, the hair will focus at one point, and you can quickly pick it up.

Of course for sofas, armchairs and car seats a vacuum cleaner can be the real help with the a suitable nozzle, but you are likely to stay there to insist for around ten minutes to collect a meager amount of hair, because those of beagles have a length that they seem to be made to fit together in the plot of a tissue.

Therefore, from a point of view, the beagle is not challenging, certainly not as with other breeds whose hair loss can be made into sweaters.

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