With a beagle puppy your life will change!

beagle puppy
beagle puppy

Without a doubt, your life will change for the better if you accept a beagle puppy.

Both inside and out of the home, any human relationship can be modified by the presence of a new friend. And if the choice of expanding the family with a beagle puppy was made in a responsible manner, the benefits will be countless.

In family…

The magic power that a puppy can have in the home is bringing extraordinary strength in consoling all the human relationships that exist in that particular environment. This is particularly the case with those who do not get along well.

With the exception of couples in crisis, if the family takes care of the new baby together, this can help them to close the gap with those they don’t get along with well. Easing the overall tension and making everyone realize how useless some skirmishes are.

Also, the dog is also different.
It is this diversity, this knowing and taking care of something so different from you that can help you  understand and love what is “different.

This is important, especially if the puppy grows alongside the children, who will learn quickly to look so much more peaceful at everything that is hastily labeled as “different from them” (an example? Their classmates and foreigners).

Also, in the case of children, tending to a puppy helps them to carry out their responsibilities (certainly better than spending entire afternoons in front of a first person shooter!) Along with the elderly, then, the care of the puppy teaches enjoying the beautiful moments and understanding that bad times can be overcome much better when they are united.


If shy you can become known by merely walking your dog. This process attracts social relations, literally forcing us to interact with other people, even if we do not want to (that is therapeutic!).

Even more so, a beagle puppy can only perform an even better “social” job with its tender eyes.

There will be people who, thanks to the continuous example of irresponsible owners, will look bad because you have a “the dirty dog” or he/she is “disturbing.”

There are those who will be there to avoid an innate aversion to dogs (for charity, there are also those who cannot stand them, and it is better to live in mutual respect!).

Thanks, Beagle puppy!

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  • I truly cannot believe today marks 5 years since I started Beagle Freedom Project. I am so grateful to my wonderful team, fosters, adopters, volunteers, supporters, and everyone who does their part to save these victims and end animal testing. Most of all, I thank Chula for making this all possible. I love you angel, and will be with you again one day!

    Thanks and Regards
    Teresa B.

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